Creation Centre in future FIFA's

If developers read these forums I would like to ask if Creation Centre will ever return. I used to create teams including an indoor team I played for. Leagues that weren't in the game like Luxembourg's first division and Romania's Liga 1 could be downloaded in Creation Centre not to mention all the countless national teams that could be downloaded that were not in the game. So I would like to know if Creation Centre will ever return. Thanks. :)


  • I loved creation centre. I used it for the same reason you did. To download teams that weren't already in the game but I think it's done. I'm not optimistic at all. What I think they should do is allow us to create teams as a mode in game. Even if it's not too in depth and we have to use generic kits and badges it's better than nothing at all. FIFA really lacks in the creation department. We can't even set the potentials of players we create. They're automatically like 90 overalls in career.
  • That is exactly what many career mode fans are asking for on youtube videos. Even a create a club mode with generic kits is better than nothing at all.
  • JeffAcomplice
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    Yup I loved the creation center. Never got why they removed it
  • DC_United123
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    Yup I loved the creation center. Never got why they removed it

    Apparently it wasn't compatible with next gen consoles or some crap like that.
  • RM68
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    Now they are using frostbite, which should allow them to bring it back. But I think this has more to do with royalties. As we know, many of us used Creation Centre to add stuff that were not there: like teams, players, etc. Bottom line: we were able to play the game with these "teams" and "players" and EA was not paying any money to these teams and players. So I think it's a mix of both: the technology they were using for the engine + royalties. But this is just a thought... But I agree with you all. I MISS IT A LOT!!!
  • phvlo
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    What's the chance of Creation Centre comeback?
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