Hello everyone,
As you can see from the title, I need the trophy "I'm better" for FIFA 15, where you have to simply beat the score of one of your friends in the leaderboard.
The problem comes here: I tried everything, I did several trials and become the first before a matches, I tried 10 exercises in the skill games section and became 1st in all these leaderboards but the trophy never popped out.
I asked for a week almost how people earned this trophy, and all of them told me basically that the trophy is easy, just beat one of your friend results.
Probably, I am thinking there is a bug in the system/ the version of my game? Should I try to delete and then re-install the game again?
Please give me suggestions and tell me if someone else had my same problem.

P.S. I cannot try many other times cause I am first in almost all of the drills and people told me that if I am already first, I practically cannot beat other people scores so it will not work on them and I will not unlock the trophy.

Thank you very much to everyone. I need a saviour cause this trophy is driving me crazy :(
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