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anyone with Prime R9 via Icon SBC? question about traits

3871 posts National Call-Up
someone can confirm if in-game he got " tries to beat defensive line" ?

I see someone talking about traits and after do a search i see some people talk about missing traits and etc from Prime icons via SBC.

After see that,i'm worried about to do any other Prime SBC :#


  • Diggy
    14192 posts Has That Special Something
    No player has this trait displayed in game but I can tell by the way he makes his runs he does have it comparing runs of other m/m attackers that dont
  • RebelRob
    5975 posts Big Money Move
    Don’t worry about if he does or doesn’t, he’s still the best striker in the game.
  • SherDogg
    424 posts Sunday League Hero
    2 missing. But doesn't matter.
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