EA im not mad, im offended...

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just played again lunatic with legacy defending. and kante as cdm who runned like a **** horse whole game and never brake a sweat. But this Zoet had 14 saves all 1on1 chances and 16 meters "sure" goals. Who the hell is this Zoet? Give me a brake.

second of all thierry henry cant play better defence than god damn any TOTS defender. this is simply not possebile. i understand nostalgia bout this old football legends but this is nonsense. And last but not least gabriel jesus strenght is outstanding, i simply love when this small **** pushes away my TOTS Naldo it would make more sense if jesus would run trugh his legs every time im trying to tacle him than shielding a ball with jesus, please.

So yeah, im not mad im offended.

Keep rooting for Croatia in WC! :)


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