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BALL PHISYC WAS LIMITED AND THAT WAS THE PROBLEM, because there were no variety of passing, controls, shooting and crossing.

EVERY PLAYER OFF THE BALL NEED A RANGE OF ACTION (depending on his ball control, reaction, agility, height and vision)


If I pass 2 bars (power) in that free space with X, i want a medium-low power pass in that position and i want also that the player (or players) near the ball go for it in that space i chose.

I don't want X where i didn't want or X where the player who receive is.

I don't want X 3/4 bars go right because is a 2v1 situation
(for a real example chicharito-vela vs 1 german defender, chicharito miss the pass because he powered it a lot)


The PASSING is the key for a good game.
If i aim wrong, it's fair that i miss the passing.
If i give too much power, it's fair that i miss it.

RIGHT AIM, RIGHT POWER = Instant control of receiver and the possibility to make things with first touch.

1) ball still in possession if in range of action of receiver but first touch things difficulties or no first touch things 2) 50/50 situation where technical and physical abilities matters
3) ball lost or out

If passing and ball physic were done well, we would see mistakes in creating chances, taking the ball unless you make good every pass.

Let me know what you think about it


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    I think grammar, spelling, and thinking about how to organize paragraphs would go a long way towards helping you communicate what you want.
  • I2iky10
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    I'm not english and it's difficult to explain something in a foreign language
  • mdizzl3
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    I2iky10 wrote: »
    I'm not english and it's difficult to explain something in a foreign language

    I think you've given it a good go, some of it is guess work but otherwise reads well. Pretty pointless at this stage though as the game will be near complete at this stage
  • I2iky10
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    The point was to underline that passing is the most important fundamental of football.
    And i was thinking about why passing controls are assisted and most of all why it is an option.
    In fifa 19 passing should be manual or semi in online mods and fully manual in the competitive mode.
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    I fully agree, in any competitive game everything should be only full manual, no assistance in shooting, passing, crossing, switching, etc... But that would create a skill gap which EA is trying to avoid to have more players.
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