Things That Are Broken That Need Fixing In Fifa 18 Ultimate Team

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This is what I believe are a list of things that are broken with Fifa 18 Ultimate Team that need putting right either now or before Fifa 19 is launched.

1. Extra Time (a) This is broken beyond belief. I've had 3 mins extra time go on for 3 mins real time many times now. On multiple occasions the game just continues on for what seems forever and it does not stop, almost like the game has forgotten about the clock altogether.

2. Extra Time (b). Bias blowing of the full time whistle. The full time whistle doesn't seem to blow when the AI is on the attack (Squad Battles for example), the only way the whistle is blown is when you manage to break up the AI Opponents attack and you get possession back, however, if you are on the attack then the whistle gets blown at any point without the AI getting possession back from you. Completely unfair.

3. Extra Time (c). Introduce the Extra Time Clock just like what has been added to the World Cup mode version of the game, at least we will be able to see how much extra time has actually elapsed.

4. The 50% Team Chemistry Cheat. OMG I can't believe this hasn't been fixed yet. You play a Squad Battle game against what should be an easyish team but they have manipulated the players so the team only has 50%ish Chemistry when it could have had a lot lot more. This team then plays far in excess of its team rating for some reason and the game becomes much harder than it should have been.

5. The Ultimate Team Rating including the subs. People put together a team consisting of a good starting 11 and 3 good subs, the rest are the lowest bronze players you can find. These subs will never be used because the better rated subs will be used instead, but it will give you a false impression of what team you are about to play from the front screen of the Squad Battles. This trick can pull the team rating down by quite a few points. A new team rating system needs to be developed to overcome the cheats that want to put Bronze players in the subs that will never be used in a million years, for example, an 89 rated team with 4 Bronze high 40's subs, like you don't have any better subs than these available in you team.

7. The point when the score is registered with EA and is stored at the end of a game. The following happened today, I won a Squad Battle game On Legendary 5-0 which will normally give out something like 2600 points. However, whilst i was playing this game EA launched the Fifa 19 new release video and no doubt every man and his dog decided to watch it. When my game was finished and my points should have been calculated, I suddenly get a message saying that due to server demand EA cannot process my request at this point. I then re-enter Ultimate Team after a few attempts to find a 0-3 loss registered for my Squad Battle, that one error has now ruined my attempt to get in the Top 100 for this week. Why can't the score be stored on the games console as soon as it reaches the full time whistle instead of having to go through a number of screens before it is registered.

This isn't the first time that I have lost points in this fashion, the game finished once and i was watching the match highlights when the highlights film froze and the only way to get out of it and back into Fifa 18 was to exit Fifa 18. This then registered another 0-3 loss against me and ruined another week of Squad Battles.

If you store the score at the point of the final whistle being blown then no matter what happens it will be there to be referenced if Fifa 18 somehow crashes out or is unable to contact EA for some reason. This would stop people getting 0-3 losses registered against them and the loss of their hard earned Squad Battle points.

I would love to see these issues dealt with in Fifa 19 so we don't have to put up with the same problems for yet another Fifa year.


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