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Not sure if its related with the last update, 3gb for some small changes, but the gameplay is even more **** up. I can clearly see my players being less agressive, slow reactions, rebounds going always to the same side in the whole match, had a match where I hit post after an amazing play from several passes 1min later the opponent with some weird passes and stuff going on scores the 1-0, 2nd half I hit again post and he goes make the 2-0 again from silly play, etc etc....

I get it, FIFA19 is coming and you trying to catter that specific player base with easy wins


  • GargabeGame
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    Been like that for years, not much of a surprise.
  • Ronaldinho999
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    Yes I know, this year from my exp only 3 out of 10 games are alright, but now since a couple days ago it's been like this for every game I play
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