WC Player Upgrades

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For players with several IFs (or players with large downgrades from their FUT 18 NIF to their WC card), getting one MOTM/TOTT card will be huge for their World Cup rating.

Since this mode is mostly ruined due to 90% of teams having some combination of Maradona/Ronaldo/Pele, it'll be interesting to see which upgraded cards will be useful after a special card or two:



  • Frankenberry
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  • Frankenberry
    10217 posts Has That Special Something
  • Futfanatic
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    Are you sure it works like that?
  • Migz1806
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    Pretty sure it wont work like that
  • jbunnerz
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    Fairly sure it worked like this 4 years ago
  • Barbwinho17
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    Well presumably the full backs and wingers will still be used
  • Idek
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    Don't think it will work like that, the first upgrade for certain cards would be too big

    maybe it will though, some players might only have 3 games to get an upgrade anyway
  • GedankeUlme
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    jbunnerz wrote: »
    Fairly sure it worked like this 4 years ago

    I think four years ago all players got a +1 rating upgrade on their latest card which wasn't a TOTY/TOTS version. And they released them both in WC mode as a automatic update and the regular FUT in packs. The position only changed in normal FUT. Like Robben who had a iMOTM striker card in normal FUT but RM in WC mode.

    It'll be interesting to see how the upgrades work. That being said, I'm still certain that 95% of all the upgraded players won't be better than the best Icons available of which most people have them already in their team thanks to that stupid SBC yesterday.

    A 94 Brazilian Ronaldo will still be better than a 94 Lewandowski. Or a 93 Matthäus will be better than a 93 Kroos.
  • RebelRob
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    If that’s the case, I’m looking forward to Gabriel Jesus’ upgrades! If Brazil have a good run, he might be on par with the best strikers in wc mode as he’s already ridiculous.

    @Frankenberry could you please humour me with a 88 Jesus mock up with +4’s from his 84IF if you don’t mind?


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