Im I the only one who is not digging WC mode?

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I dont know about you guys but after wining a cup once and completing continental sbc's i just cant find any reason to play this mode.

Even i when i got 2 icons in a pack i tought great that should be nice but neeeh im rather amusing with online season in normal FUT.

And after all the gameplay on WC mode seems odd to me. Somehow slow and sloppy. And if im not wrong they returned the legacy deffending in WC mode or defending is just easier.


  • PiotrLolo
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    The only thing that might keep me playing WC are SBC's which gives coins. That is the only impact WC can make on base FUT. But after winning tournament first time I don't feel that I need to play it more. There is nothing to do there for offline player. Besides I don't really need these coins that much at this point ;)
  • VagisilFC
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    Played two games, did the starter objectives, pulled an icon and i'm done.

    It is to short, lacking in imagination and the gameplay feels like FIFA World
  • ceeags
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    Struggling to get any enthusiasm for it.
  • salvadordali1
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    exsacly. i did few icon packs and got pretty decent icons but still im rather playing online seasons with my prime team.

    I completed the team in normal FUT and started saving money for TOTS Batch but then price hit the shy so i opened packs to get 80 rating top player :D at least there will be no packs in next fifa since packing is considering gambling.
  • LoboNobo
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    I'm enjoying it. Trying different players and tactics each run, slowly but surely getting better players as well. The only thing that really ruins this experience (apart from average gameplay, consumables and having no option of playing a friend) are icons. Bloody icons everywhere, I'm only using players featuring this WC and I keep playing against Henry, Lineker, Maradona etc. Pisses me off.
  • salvadordali1
    309 posts Sunday League Hero
    yeah because of repetable icon upgrade sbc with only 83 rating. imo thats not bad since ive played whole fifa 18 without any icon whatsoever. didnt expect to pack one soo no disapointments there.
  • keronc
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    I feel the same way, Finished 1 tournament and can't bring myself to play it anymore. I have only played 2 matches this week and they were squad battles.
  • maksi
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    Winning 6 out of 7 games and nothing show for it ist the biggest drawback to this mode.
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