Prime Rijkaard or PTG Milinkovic-Savic?

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For 4312 as CM with TOTS Allan and TOTS Nainggolan? Dont have money to buy TOTS Savic.


  • P1tch_1nvaderz88
    12612 posts Has That Special Something
    Rijkaard, got over 300 games on mine. Love him
  • MatteoDiBella
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    Have 1200+ games with Rijkaard he is awesome as a cdm but not the same threat going forward as Sergej. I used his 86 for a couple of months and he can do everything. If Sergej fits get him, his long shots, finishing, and aerial ability set him apart.
  • JesseP1nk
    19 posts Ball Boy
    Rijkaard is honestly trash as a CM. At cdm or cb fine, never cm. I put mine into an sbc and I’ve never looked back. On a positive note I’d go with SMS at cm but I’d try slot rijkaard in at cdm, maybe play 41212(2)?
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