What to do with high rated untradeables?

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So it appears EA is Abandoning normal FUT and shifting to WC Mode and already starting the Fifa 19 hype. Do you think they will release any more big content that we'll need High rated or should I just rinse them through Icon SBCs for packs with a chance to pull TOTS before they are gone tomorrow?


  • RoosterBlue
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    I got tonnes of them as I was spamming the league upgrade sbc's.

    Hoping there's a decent futties promo.
  • xFATAL
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    I put them in Icon Maldini for the 100k and 55k packs and got pretty much nothing in return. But he's the only Icon left that i'm interested in completing so it cut down the cost quite a bit.
  • GettingMessi
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    I put a load of mine into Prime Maradona SBC, with all the bargains last week, it cost me next to nothing to complete apart from the 3 icons.

    Only problem is I now have 3x 100k packs and loads of other packs to open, and sod all worth opening them for.
  • Delboy13710
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    Think maldini might be my last option still have a 90 rated second team of no use but got no coins lol
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