FIFA 19 improvements required

FIFA has been around for many years and tries to “thrive on visuals,but lacks a lot of obvious visuals that should be included -
1. Realistic Managers in all “modes”
2. Realistic managers reactions, this was a feature in FIFA World Cup 2010
3. Coach cam, it would be great to have a camera to view from the managers dugout during the game “from the highlights reel”
4. Ref cam, would be good to have a perspective from the ref from the highlights reel
5. Injuries to players - visually show players receiving treatment andbeing carried off the pitch
6. Substitutes changing over of “captains armband
7. Big derby games should see “fans walking into the stadium “ this would increase the realism of the “big games”
8. Managers handshakes before and after the game
9. Career mode -manager mode Manager handshakes to be optional and manager interviews to be included and the outcomes from questions impacting future games and players within the clubs and national teams


  • Gdawg21
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    I completely agree with all especially 1,5,6,7, and 9 and it would also good to add the team benches being full of reserves players in their team sweats or hoodies or whatever as well as some coaches and with late goals being scored being able to run to all of them because what they have on the bench right now is like 3 players since the other subs warm up.
  • AFCA_P
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    Let them adress gameplay first, graphics and visuals second...
  • TacticalTugTeam
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    Gameplay is most important lol.
  • Yes gameplay is important, and I think they need to focus on the tactics and make sure that when you save your custom tactics that it “sticks” with each team,
    Visuals I think should be “enhanced more for the PS4 pro and xone, as there seems to be very minimal improvements in FIFA 18

    If EA wants to enhance the gameplay they would look at the “key areas”, and they should also look at the online season mode-
    When you select a team for the season of “x” games for the division, your team should be for that season, plus cards, fatigue and injuries should carry over, it’s a simple fix/ update considering it already happens in Ultimate team
  • DarkMac
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    Yes, gameplay is most important, so they will boost up Juventus instead of Madrid, so expect lots of games to be played against Juventus. EA gameplay It is very predictive.
  • SirT83
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    I want a referee mode. Would be cool. 😊
  • DarkMac
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    Uhhhh... Never thought about it. That a good one! Imagine giving red cards because... I'm bored
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