FIFA 19 MUST have commentaries

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Hi, please post here your suggestions. Here are mine, below.

- Allan
- Uh?
- No, I said « Allan »
- Uh?

- Oh it’s the bar!!!
- Uh? The bar? It’s open?

- Half time. It’s 1-0.
- Yeah, it’s a rip-off but considering how the AI is cheating...

- Oh it’s the post!!!!
- Just shut up.

- What a wimpy shot, Allan...
- Yeah, they definitely should be considering buying a few packs.

- Was that your mother that I saw at the supermarket, Allan?


  • pudgyfudgy
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    The commentary for 19 should be adapted from the best lines ever uttered in this forum.

    "Yaya Toure on the ball. He's so dynamic, it feels like there's 46 of him on the pitch!"

    "Here's Hernan Crispo, a true Ican of his time."

    "Defenders are afraid of Cristiano Yatini."

    "They're so far behind now, they really need to git gud."
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