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I’m a big fan of Fifa manager mode. Having read through a lot of the suggestions fans have made for Fifa 18 in general and specifically for manager mode, I have some suggestions which I feel would make Fifa more realistic and manager mode better. I hope you’ll take the time to have a read and to pass these on to other relevant parties. Some of these items make take more than the remaining three months till Fifa 19’s release but even if these take some time to implement, they’d be a joy to experience.

Kind regards,

Yujie ( mf shro0m )

• Some of the items below can be toggled on/off or on to varying degrees, akin to passing/crossing/shooting assistance, to suit personal preferences.
• Add more detailed individual instructions, player roles and team tactics
In every Fifa game to date, players who excel at more complex components of play such as passing and creativity but are less capable physically, have been unable to influence games as they do in real life. Adding more detailed individual instructions would also allow players more freedom to play the way they want to. E.g. some have mentioned that they like to cross and yet their striker isn’t inside the box much. A relatively simple and easy to understand way to display this would be to display the items in the ‘tactics’ tab on a pitch; with things like ‘crossing’ from each wing adjusted individually or together, passing adjusted by thirds of the pitch divided length-ways, + add ‘shooting range’ (new)(like passing range) to tactics which adjusts where your players try to occupy for shooting space. A good number of presets based upon real life tactics can be added to make things simple for those less interested in the tactical side of football. Being able to set individual man-marking targets in different extents (1to3, loose, tight, very tight) in addition to asking players to generally man-mark whilst defending would be useful
• Add more types of passes, allowing you to purposefully attempt very specific passes. One effect of this is it’ll increase the benefits of having excellent passing
• Countries and clubs that have legacies for producing top players don’t currently produce many good youth players. Clubs in countries like Brazil and Argentina, and clubs like Barcelona, Manchester United, Lyon, São Paulo, Santos, Porto, Ajax, Bayern etc don’t produce more top youth players than places and clubs with less prominent legacies
• Make player statistics more realistic. Some attributes, notably speed, acceleration, strength are often unrealistic. These are perhaps currently weighted either to highlight players’ typical roles within team, to further differentiate play styles. However, the changes listed here would allow players to better fit their archetypal roles through other methods. In Fifa 18 and past FIFAs some players (who usually play cm, cdm or cb) would be made unrealistically slow, whilst others (usually st, winger or cam) would have unrealistic defensive stats. It’s simply untrue that pretty much no centre-backs would have 80+ sprinting were the stats reflective of reality. The tendency in Fifa 18 and previous games for ‘abusing pace’ to be an overpowered tactic is in large part due to the unrealistically low speed stats of defensive players e.g. Marquinhos and Varane, who I’ve heard players say in interviews can keep up with the fastest attackers. Yet in Fifa their pace stats are <80. The game would become more realistic if players had more realistic stats as opposed to sprinting and acceleration just being nerfed. Additionally, for that matter pace feels underpowered atm. I mean in games sometimes I’ll be sprinting with someone with ~85 sprinting and ~85 acceleration and then a defender with ~70 in those areas will catch up with me. It just doesn’t feel right and is really annoying. I mean players with better dribbling like Salah are about as quick with the ball as they are without it. Having more realistic stats would also allow more players to be used in roles other than their primarily role. For example, Sergio Ramos’ stats suddenly changed when he went from officially being a RB to a CB. He didn’t suddenly become less capable on the ball. Danny Welbeck actually makes a lot of recoveries for England (not sure how he’s been for Arsenal) and yet his defensive stats are awful. Niklas Sule did not suddenly more than double his sprinting speed in 2016/17 which Fifa 17 and 18 suggest. I doubt Ashley Young and Valencia suddenly became significantly better at tackling in the last season. They may have improved a bit but more likely they’ve just learnt to play as LB and RB. Improving this would make Fifa 19 more realistic and players more dynamic
• ^ in addition to the above are the generally unrealistic physical ratings of youth players, young players and players in lower leagues. The average 18 year old youth winger is not only as quick as Toni Kroos or Luca Modric. Most players don’t actually become a lot quicker as they get into their prime except the ones who get quite a bit leaner (e.g. Kroos). With the more complex game dynamics listed above, Fifa would no longer need to weigh young players down with under-rated physical stats. Klopp gave interesting example in an interview which was why he picked Alexander-Arnold over the older, more experienced Milner. He said that against Leroy Sane, Alexander-Arnold’s superior, youthful, pace and stamina would be more valuable than Milner’s experience in keeping Sane quiet. Having more reflective physical stats would also allow currently under-powered technical stats to play a greater role in differentiating how good a player is and why. This change would also make giving youths match experience less costly. I’ve read people saying that giving youths match experience is too risky for them, which hinders their development
• In manager mode it’d also be good if we could create B teams, partially buy the financial rights to players and residual transfer budgets carry over from one season to the next. At the moment there’s no productive way of using your remaining transfer budget at the end of a season. In my main game, through sales, I had a remaining transfer budget of £750 million, having generated £1.2 billion in profit, yet at the start of this season my transfer budget is £0. All of that money’s vanished.
• Add a degree of machine learning to manager mode. Enable other teams to adapt their tactics to combat your usual style of play. This may take the computer half a season, a season or two. EA can look to Call of Duty WWII’s new Alexa related function for a starting point, though used to influence the AI and is only maybe provided to the player. The analysis of your play offered by the AI would then be used to influence the opposition’s tactical setup. E.g. they might man mark your best player and/or pack more players on the wings to deal with your attacks down the wings, and/or use three centre mids to deal with yours etc
• Please make it so that we can see which new youth scouts are available before we fire one
• Allow you to see how a youth player’s been developing in the youth academy i.e. show how his overall and attributes have changed
• Improve the automated details of the best dribblers’ dribbling. Say if someone with 85+ dribbling predicts a defender sticking a foot out then he will incorporate a little bit more intricate trickery into his dribble. I’ve noticed this happen a little with my 92 rated Gabriel Jesus who has 96 dribbling and 95 ball control but I feel this could be increase a bit, partly to offset the recent buff to the perks of high strength
• Add the ability to ask your scouts to scout someone on your shortlist, on the shortlist page
• Add a new goalkeeper kick where they kick it as far as they can. Often when you’re leading and it’s nearing the final whistle the opposition to press forward leaving one or two defenders at the half-way line. When your keeper gets the ball, if I see two or three of my guys with two opposition players near the half-way line I’d like to do a huge through ball with my goalkeeper for my attackers on the halfway-line but there’s currently no way of doing that. Perhaps LT+X or LB+X
• Whilst you’re provided with an estimate of a youth player’s potential, there’s no such offering for first-team squad members or scouted players. A rough estimate of +-3 overall potential, similar to what you get with youth players, would be good. This too could be subject to your scouts’ judgement and experience
• Introduce pre-match analysis in manager mode which offers a summary of the recent tactics of the selected team including players roles. E.g. if you’re looking at your calendar or look up a club (which you can’t do in Fifa 18), you can see a summary of a team’s usual formation(s) and tactics etc. Having better scouts could increase the level of detail and complexity of these reports, in addition to the breadth of clubs you have detailed information on. This would allow players to tailor their tactics for each match which would make them less repetitive.
• Introduce more complex individual player training options. Make it so that you can set a default generalised training plan (e.g. poacher, inside forward, playmaker, box-to-box, anchorman, ball-playing defender, no nonsense defender, wing back, full back, sweeper keeper, keeper, etc) for each player in addition to a small number of emphasised stats (finishing, short passing, sprinting, strength, weaker foot etc). I appreciate that physical characteristics are often more limited by genetic factors than technical characteristics and things like speed could be made to be slower to develop. In real life examples include, Ronaldo’s, Bale (don’t forget they won’t born looking like Adonises) and Brazilian Ronaldo’s (Rivaldo called him that skinny lad he found) increases in strength and jumping, Kaka’s increase in speed and strength, Lukaku and Harry Kane’s weaker foot development, Arjen Robben strength and stability (he looks super skinny but the man did not have the core strength he has now when he was 20, clock his impressive six pack), . I appreciate that perhaps these stats aren’t currently trainable due to the over-importance of pace in previous games and strength’s increasingly prominent role in Fifa. However, the fact that physical traits can’t currently be trained puts a heavy premium on their desirability in younger players as you can iron out some of their other weaknesses through training (e.g. poor passing, poor shooting, poor tackling etc). In any case, it’s not as if no managers emphasise these attributes in training, take Sam Allardyce and Genaro Gattuso for example. Attributes like strength typically improve as players reach their prime in real life anyway. All of the football training they do, in addition to their gym workouts, have an impact. People who train and eat like athletes come to look more like athletes.
• You also can’t currently train reactions for anyone, including goalkeepers. I appreciate this would be harder to train than say positioning, but if you can train reflexes then surely you could train reactions
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    • Add ‘sort by contract length’ to the shortlist in the transfer hub
    • Add scouting options like ‘breakthrough’ (for players who’ve excelled for their overall rating this season) and ‘future first team/world class quality’. I mean there are ‘world class’ and ‘first team quality’ scouting criteria so I don’t see why not
    • Add more sorting options for scouting windows e.g. overall, position, your scout’s potential prediction, etc
    • Allow players to schedule friendlies at will. When you play with smaller clubs the summer months are rather empty and it’d be good if we could schedule some friendlies to give players more experience
    • It’d be nice if you could request funds like you used to be able to. Sometimes you just need a few more mills to push through a particular transfer. If the board isn’t ok with just granting your request off the bat then perhaps make it so that you can negotiate with the board. If you don’t meet their expectations in spite of them granting you additional funds it could be more likely that you’ll get fired
    • If your team’s being doing very well and is doing much better than they were a few years ago then the board might want to expand the stadium or build a new one. In turn, this’ll bring in increased revenue upon completion, assuming you at least maintain your standards.
    • Similarly, if your team has been performing poorly for a few seasons then revenue from ticket and shirt sales could decrease.
    • More dynamic aging. When players pass their prime, whilst their sprint speed, acceleration, stamina and strength and reactions often deteriorate at individual rates, they can benefit from the continued maturation of other attributes. They often continue to develop their understanding of the game and so attributes such as passing, vision, attacking positioning, interceptions and possibly standing tackling, continue to develop. This is why many defenders and players like Pirlo, Scholes and Totti can continue to play at the top level into their 30s. It’d be nice to see this reflected in Fifa, making it possible for players to develop once they’ve passed age 29 and give the careers of some, greater longevity.
    • Perhaps occasionally, passed upon a lottery, some players deteriorate noticeably slower than the rest. Perhaps 1 in 100. The Ronaldos, Giggsys and Buffons of football
    • Please make organising the shortlist easier by allowing you to delete multiple names at once. By season four I have 100-200 names on my shortlist and making it shorter is rather painful
    • It’d be useful if in addition to charts for goals, assists, clean sheets, etc there was a chart with the highest average ratings across the league. It would also be useful if you could see this for every league, not just the ones you’re involved in. Myself and a lot of other manager mode players really like scouting for players by digging through stats for the perfect players for our teams
    • Custom shortlists. It’d be nice if in addition to the main shortlist we could create sub-shortlists for particular groups and making decisions.
    • Each manager brings their own twist to a team’s tactics. E.g. if Guardiola moved to PSG in a career mode, PSG’s tactics whilst he’s in charge would be heavily influenced by his philosophy. If Jurgen Klopp were to take the reins at PSG from Guardiola, then PSG’s tactics would no longer be influenced by Guardiola’s philosophy and would instead be influenced by Klopp’s.
    • Please extend the players’ performance stats for seasons from including just goals, assists and clean sheets, to including; successful passes:attempted, successful pass %, successful tackles:attempted, dribbles completed:attempted, average passes per game, average dribbles per game, average shots per game, average shot accuracy. It’d be useful seeing more fully how my players have been performing
    • Add [press R stick down] to see player profile in the squad hub
    • Make the speed of simmed games in manager mode adjustable. Allow people to make subs during simmed games
    • Show player match ratings in simmed games in real-time
    • Revamped overall rating system. Each player has a ‘base overall’ which is like the overall rating in Fifa 18. However their average form (0-10) in the last ‘x’ many matches contributes a ‘form modifier’ which is up to +-2or3 from their base overall. Perhaps this would take it consideration their where their overall stands in relation to the rest of the league’s players in their position. In transfer and scouting screens it should show their recent form be it ‘very poor, poor, ok, good, very good’ or with one more on each side. The accuracy of these form ratings (in relation to the ‘form modifier’) will vary depending on the ability of your scouts
    • Please extend transfer options so you can include buy-back and loan-back clauses
    • Show youth players' weaker foot and skill moves ratings whilst they're still in the academy
    • It'd be very useful if you could do side-by-side comparisons of players in your team and scouted players. At the moment I'm having to use long-winded improvised methods to accomplish this

    • All of the above will make the game more realistic.
    • To facilitate the above, tbh having a half-minute (or a minute or something) long loading window once or twice a week is totally worth it
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    • Prodigies you scout often have entirely different stats once you promote them to your first team. E.g. an ex-youth player of mine had 85+ finishing, sprinting and acceleration whilst he has in my academy but all of these suddenly fell to 60-70 when I promoted him to the first team. Apparently this is a widespread problem
    • Players who are out on loan don’t develop as they otherwise would had you kept them, even in the reserves. This means that it's counterproductive to loan players out as they'd develop better if you keep them and don't play them
    • Very few fictional youth players are two footed. Only a disproportionately small number are. Making it so that players sometimes improve their weaker foot as they develop (even without specific training) would be a good way to partially remedy this, although just increasing the proportion with good weaker foots would be good too
    • Big clubs with rich and/or renowned youth academies seem to produce an unrealistically small number of fictional world class players. A moderate increase would be good
    • You can’t currently see a player’s weaker foot or skill moves ratings or their traits in the scouting window
    • Currently only some matches show you the teams’ formations in the pre-match animations. Please make teams’ formations a staple in pre-match animations. It’d be nice to be able to tweak my gameplay tactics for particular games, including in kick-off mode. Please also put this at the start of a stretch of cutscenes so I can see the formations and skip the rest of them
    • Selling and loaning out ex-youth players is very difficult because offers are few and far between, significantly more so than with other players
    • Fictional youth players don't usually have any traits or specialties
    • Players should be able to develop traits as they mature which they currently cant
    • Please increase the current 25% sell-on clause cap to 50%
    • Currently an unrealistic number of players reach 99 on attributes. Perhaps you could cap attributes at 95 or 97 under normal growth conditions will higher stats that deviate further from a player’s potential becoming exponentially harder to get
    • Allow you to begin player negotiations with a full contract or the term you wish to begin with as opposed to necessarily progressing in the order you do in FIFA 18 because this would make making tricky signings easier and allow for more innovation. E.g. offering a young player a high salary in return for an extra year or two or three
    • It’d be helpful if whilst looking at a player’s traits page, moving the right thumb stick up and down would highlight one and a description of it would come up
    • Allow more career save games. Personally I like to have a save game from the last month of each season so that when I want to play a game (I sim most games) I can pick a team of mine from the past and play some of the biggest games from that season.
    • Other clubs try to make the most of pre-contract signings too which would increase competition for them
    • Player potential in manager mode updates as fifa updates
    • I'm not sure why but a lot of the teams I've been facing have been playing with 5 at the back which makes the game that much less interesting. Could you look into this please
    • Some acrobatic clearances are very unrealistic. Players can make huge clearances reliably in situations and from positions which just wouldn’t be possible in real life
    • Goalkeepers are still picking up back passes from players on their team
    • Sometimes if there’s a high ball and it approaches your attacker whilst an opposition defender’s nearby, your attacker will freeze and do nothing and you can’t move him
    • You can’t see players’ contract expiry date anywhere unless they have <12 months left
    • The computer currently gives contract extensions very sparingly
    • There’s currently a limit on the number of players you can release in a single season which is frustrating as sometimes youth players who I can't promote immediately leave. Please remove this
    • Following on from the above, perhaps allow gamers to speak with disgruntled youth players. Once, I was a month away from the summer transfer window and my first team was full. I'd already released three players that season but had a player sale already arranged and six players for sale, all of whom I then sold in the following transfer window. However, as I wasn't able to promote a particular youth player with 88-94 potential right away, he left. A few months on, I've tried searching for him by name but nothing comes up. Whilst it says in the email you get notifying you that the youth player's left your academy, that your scout will keep track of him and find out where he's gone, I don't know how to find out from my scout. I get the feeling that I've lost track of him forever. I've been faced with similar situations a few times now. Please do something about this
    • It’d be useful if scouting criteria could encompass more. For example, if you could add a particular trait or multiple to your search criteria e.g. 'tactician', 'engine', 'flair', 'low crosser', 'technical dribbler', 'target forward' etc. And you could search for players who are described as ‘having that special something’, ‘showing great potential’ etc. This should also be available in the search criteria when searching for players

    Suggestions from other players

  • Please people from EA Sports, work on licencing the teams of the Brazilian League. I know there are problems currently, but it's still a good investiment! WE BRAZILIAN PLAYERS are sooo disapointed that we can not play with our teams..for years and years. The sells would take another dimention too if it happens. WE HAVE THE MOST VICTORIOUS FOOTBALL IN THE WOLD, AND YOU DON'T HAVE OUR LEAGUE, WHERE EVERYTHING STARTED!!! WE WANT THE REAL BRAZILIAN LEAGUE!
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    As a manager, it is always exciting I'd assume being the main influence for growth in a players' ability and understanding of the game. Watching players become better and better is one of the best sights in football. In Career mode, the same excitement is present when watching player ratings go up, sometimes by up to +4 in a single season.
    I think if there was an option whereby, one could remove the ceiling of potential for some of the players, such that players would improve based on the kind of season they're having; that would genuinely add to the enjoyment of career mode.
    Reason being, there always those players in teams where fans always feel that the player is underrated or players that fans have emotional attachments to. An option on Potential Forecast, where one can choose to either go by the real world potential of players or the in game potential of players. Such that, if one chooses to go with the latter, uses a team such as arsenal for 3 or so seasons playing well, one would be able to see players like Aaron Ramsey and Jack Wilshere reach ratings of 87-88.

    I think the catalogue option to scout future star should be linked with the scouting instructions in Career mode. Such that, when one purchases the item from the catalogue, the scout will use the set instructions to find a future star with the specified attributes. I think this would allow for fifa fans to 'find' their own Ronaldo's/Messi's/De Gea's/Kante's around the world.
    I think it would be amazing playing with such a prospect in the game after the scout has found them, watching the specific set attributes one had asked for in the player grow.
    Such that, if one had set the scout instructions to look for a RB, with attributes such as Pacey, Fk Specialist, Pin-Point Crosser, Strong, Defensive Minded, Playmaker... while purchasing the 'scout future star' item from the catalogue; the scout would return with a player who would excel in all those attributes in creative ways. For example, an RB with the attribute of Playmaker could probably have RM/CM as secondary and auxiliary positions.

    Regarding player potentials in Career mode as well, I think it should be possible to change the status of young players from "Showing Great Potential" to "Exciting Prospect" to "Potential to be Special" based on how well/good of a season the particular players are having. I think that status should be able to switch/change up to twice during the season based on training, first team appearances and player stats.
    Reason being, there are players in the real world such Kylian Mbappe and Ousmanne Dembele who have LITERALLY become the world's best U21 players from unknown players by most within the span of a calendar year.
    As well I think it should be possible for U21 players in the game to have growth in weak foot ability and skill moves, dependent on in game stats, such as number of goals scored with weak foot, number of successful dribbles.. etc

    As a Career mode manager, it should be possible to improve the morale of players through simply praising them during press conferences as well as having players wanting to leave if managers unnerve them during pressers. I think this would be an accurate depiction of what happens in real football, as we have seen managers such as Mourinho publicly unnerving his players and the results of such.. As well as managers such as pep and Klopp praising their players.. Sterling..Firminho..similarly and the results are evident on the on the pitch.
    I think assigning captaincy to players should also have an impact in Morale for players in the game.

    In the kick-off menu, where there the option to play with the unlockable Adidas All Star team; I think it would be amazing if Fifa could bring in/add other custom teams such as UEFA Champions League XI of the previous season, Premier League team of the season, La Liga team of the season, Serie A team of the season and so on.
    As well if there is an Adidas All Star team, it has always begged the question; Why not also a Nike All Star team? Why not a Puma All Star team?

    Finally, very many fifa fans want the chance to use legends such as Zidane or R9 in the game however never get the chance because one can only use those players through Ultimate Team. I think Fifa should update the current classic XI in the kick-off menu to include atleast some of these legends if not all. Lord knows even my mother would want to try out a game of fifa if it meant she could use a nicely rated Thierry Henry in game.
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    Those are all good suggestions.

    About having players like R9, Beckham, Zidane etc. I posted a thread last year suggesting that EA should bring back the Classic XI but make it so you can change to squad list as you currently can with international teams. This way, you can choose a squad amongst Preud-Homme, Papin, Carlos Alberto, Rivera, Sanchez, Cantona, Zico etc (the classic XI from previous games) in addition to greats like R9, Ronaldinho, Beckham, Scholes, Henry, Zidane, Pirlo, Totti, Xavi, Kaka etc at their prime. A guy at EA got back to me saying that he’d bring it up so hopefully it’ll happen!

    About your 1.. That’d crossed My mind too but one concern is that some players will set the difficulty to something that’s really easy for them, rack up great player ratings every game and abuse the system. If lower difficulties were penalised in terms of player growth then that’d be unfair on less good and younger players.
    And with my main save for example, in season 1 I was getting ‘familiar’, irl expected score lines but by season 3 my team was murking Bayern like 8-1. Last season I beat Real 8-0 in one match. So EA couldn’t fairly force players to increase the difficulty if their win margin’s too big
  • be able to edit a player to CM RWB LWB positions
  • y_j_es_i
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    - Allow us to make tactics templates which can be saved and loaded with any team in kick-off
    - Make our saved tactics accessible in the in-match pause menu
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    In career mode I have only one suggestion, I.E. if I made 100m with a terrible team and by the start of the next season I lose said money, instead of it going to the board the original amount of money I started with at the start of the season gets added onto the 100m that I made.
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    Please people from EA Sports, work on licencing the teams of the Brazilian League. I know there are problems currently, but it's still a good investiment! WE BRAZILIAN PLAYERS are sooo disapointed that we can not play with our teams..for years and years. The sells would take another dimention too if it happens. WE HAVE THE MOST VICTORIOUS FOOTBALL IN THE WOLD, AND YOU DON'T HAVE OUR LEAGUE, ]WHERE EVERYTHING STARTED!!! WE WANT THE REAL BRAZILIAN LEAGUE!

    Sorry, what?? ;)

    Why add in the Brazil League??? given that any Brazilians that are half decent are playing anywhere but Brazil.....Plus apart from Neymar Brazil are in decline....

    Likely a licensing issue
  • I pretty much only play career mode and I'm one of those guys who likes the realistic side of it all.. I retire players and play as them rather than creating my own manager for the story of it and things like that. It would be cool to use the fifa legends game faces to go as a manager in career mode or be able to continue as a manager they already have the game face for like Klopp Guardiola or Benitez Zidane etc, you could pick a new team for Zidane after he's just left Real and you could go Juventus with him or Dell Piero something like that you get the jist of it? Wouldn't take too much effort and time and would go a long way for some attention to detail in Career mode.. Coming from a big player of career PLEASE READ EA (and do it for me, thanks!)
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    @EA I know you won't read this and don't really give two beeps about career mode but please consider:-

    1. The introduction of Parent and Feeder club relationships to the game.
    2. The ability to loan back a player as part of the transfer negotiations
    3. Rethink the current training model, bring in coaches that have an impact on the quality of training leading to player progression.
    4. During match simulation give the user the option of making subs, some of the subs the CPU make...make no sense
    5. Player match ratings visible during a simulated match to allow sub decisions to be made
    6. When negotiating transfers give the option of paying in installments over a set period 12 / 24 / 36 Months etc
    7. Make a clubs reputation count when trying to buy a player....far to easy to buy decent players at a small club
    8. Improved morale system

    Loads more I am sure but I feel these would certainly help the depth of the game.
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    be able to edit a player to CM RWB LWB positions

    And LW/RW/CF. Currently for forwards you can only make ST, LF, RF
  • Gary123
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    Be able to and commentary to youth players as after 10 seasons the commentary gets really boring
  • I am a big fan of the coach career mode.Add the opportunity at the end of each season,to choose any club in which you can apply for a job.Now after the end of the season you receive applications from only 5-6 clubs,and always the same(real,Barcelona,Bayern,PSG).
  • Things I hate about career mode
    1. can score 20 goals in a single game, and manager still subs me off at half time for a player that gets carded every single game

    2. Transfers are the repetitive, every career mode I do, I see
    "Asensio signs for Arsenal

    3. When We sign for a new club, I would like the how much I cost

    4.In a real player career mode I would like the ability to change my number

    5.Ronaldo loses 7 ratings in within a span of 3 weeks

    6.I hate manager feedback notes, manager yells at me for being bad at passing and then tells me my passing is first rate, I miss how in fifa 15 they wouldnt announce everything you did good or bad

    8.Add more cutscenes

    9. At the bottom left corner where it shows your stats and info, I wish you could choose the stats you would like to see, for example, Champions Cup, Copa Del Ray, WC Qualifiers, and etc
    10. The ability to be a real manager

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    - Brazilian championship.

    - CONMEBOL main continental competitions (Ex: Libertadores of America cup).

    - UEFA main continental competitions (Ex: UEFA Champions League)

    - FIFA main intercontinental competitions (EX: FIFA Club World Cup)
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