League of Ireland FIFA 19 Ratings - Lots of Silvers?

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It seems like we will have an unprecedented number of silvers in the Airtricity League, the League of Ireland, in FIFA 19.
Scrolling through the current online seasons updated ratings, quite a few players have been upgraded. A lot of this likely accounts for the MatchDay ratings, but some upgrades must be indicative of how the players will look come FIFA 19. Down below is a list of the players with their current ratings, including MatchDay

Kieran Sadlier - 71
Dylan Connolly - 69
Marco Tagbajumi - 68
Shane Supple - 68
Pat Hoban - 67 Was not in FIFA 18
Ronan Finn - 67
Jimmy Keohane - 67
Conan Byrne - 67
Graham Burke - 66
Jamie McGrath - 66
Brian Gartland - 66
Graham Cummins - 66
Karl Sheppard - 65
Conor McCormack - 65
Adorjan - 65
Chris Shields - 65
Keith Ward - 65
Rob Cornwall - 65

While I do not expect all of these players to be silver, I do suspect it will be a record number of silvers for the LOI.

Players like Sadlier, Supple, Hoban, and Burke truly do merit this and I'm glad EA is recognizing them.

Barring injury or some other unforeseen circumstance, I fully expect Pat Hoban to collect POTY. He has an impressive 15 goals in 21 games.

I also expect McNulty or Rodgers have a good chance of being a 65 rated silver.

Curious to see Michael Duffy and Robbie Benson remain at 62 as well, as the pair have been some of the better performers in the league.
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