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During the last week, my season record and with it opponent records have stopped showing up. I get the basic screen but no records. Is it just me or are others having this problem?


  • ZiMoFoX
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    Same in here , the Season Results showing up once a time and for the 2nd you need to restart the game to be shown again is it True!!
  • Disciple_2018
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    Yep happens to me too. When I first switch on game I can see opponents record once for one player, but then that’s it, it’s blank. Something to do with gdpr? Or changing privacy settings maybe?
  • ZiMoFoX
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    i made an EA contact but really it was such a wasting for time no one aware of nothing ... lets keep trying and see
  • kodomir
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    I also have this problem. Has anyone found a solution to the problem?
  • SDoofus
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    Yep, same here. It's a glitch after the new update. Really annoying.
  • I have the exact same issue I am just off the phone with EA support they have no idea what it is!
  • Leonsmith
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    Joke init
  • It is really annoying that you can't see it. I hope they would fixed
  • so they release a patch and dont patch the graphics error....seems legit EA!
  • SDoofus
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    Yep, still not fixed. This is infuriating for me and my co op partner, as we like to check our opponents records after games.
  • the same here in PC version , i hope they fix this soon
  • faisalkk
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    complain multiple time to EA support & they suggested to post on EA forums, as their developers. Still nothing happened.
  • faisalkk
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    EA team, you guys even working on this issue or its ignored.?
  • They are just ignoring the issue... they just don't care!!
  • I think you are right or may be least bothered about fifa 18, fifa on its way. Customer support recommended to post complain on forum as developers follow forums religiously and reply. I hope I am on the right forum to complain :)
  • DarkMac
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    Right forum? Oh.. Yeah , sure
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