Anyone using a lone target man?

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With any form of success (e.g. Div 1/2). If so what formation and CTs?

I've tried 433(2)and it's not great, best bet may be 4231(2)?


  • mihain247
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    Try false 9
  • AFC_95
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    Not really answering your question but I play 4222, one target man one to get in behind.
  • Gorda
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    I used Ibra in 4231(2) it was good but i prefer 2 striker formations.
  • Zanetti4
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    I use tots icardi in a 4-2-3-1 narrow, he scores and gives many assists, but usually my central cam outscore him
  • Shutup
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    So looks like a no :D:'(

    Might try De Jong as F9
  • Jimmyb83
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    Try a 433(5) with a target man set as false 9. If you can keep your finger off the sprint button the formation is deadly.
  • Viggo 007
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    433(4) if you can defend with it is the best for lone striker
  • nj10
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    Lukaku is the best line target man I have used. Only used his base card but he was very good
  • selb
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    I use 4231 with TOTS Higuain as lone ST, he's got height, strength, decent pace and great shots on him
  • RayS
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    Swap Zlatan in my MLS hybrid 4-2-3-1 worked fine in D3
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