Audio needs to be better in FIFA 19

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This post has very little to do with FUT but.....


Commentary is never going to be perfect, there are only so many lines so much code to go and honestly FIFA is better than most sports game but, please add a few small things:
Player scores 4 or 5 goals, happens a lot in FUT and every once in a great while in real world, but a hat trick is the highest tally noted currently

Team scores up to ten goals, now it stops at 6

Penalty is saved but scores on rebound, needs some lines for a fairly comment occurrence

Biggest thing is Team Names in Commentary not just intros needed in all languages

So many pronouns so few team names I want to hear Martin Tyler call out all English clubs and all Champions League team names. Please record the names and code them and splice them in. Too many clubs (Watford, Bournemouth, Bradford City, Doncaster Rovers, Preston North End) are generic in the audio.

I should hear the Spanish Commentators call out all Argentine all Spanish, all Mexican clubs

I should hear the German name all German and all Austrian clubs

I should hear the French call all French teams all Belgian teams

Stadium announcements in French, Spanish, Italian and German
please update as you have updated English and American annoucers

Please add generic goal announcements for players not records so instead of nothing I hear "Goal for Blackburn Rovers, number 18!

Add more distinct crowd noises.

Some stadiums like Napoli have someone on the amplifiers calling out chants all game.
Some clubs have distinctive and noisy ultra sections, like Saint Entienne, these clubs and stadiums should be different from stadiums like Cagliari or Monaco that have smaller crowds

Small clubs with small crowds are distinct from big stadiums

Audio is still sometimes hard to distinguish a crowd size, also please figure out how to have stadiums with tiny crowds. Very few people go to Blackpool and Hamilton games.

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