Fifa World cup mode SBC so usles

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Ok so in beggining SBC from this mode is just ok - We got Very cheap first ICON we have possible to finish no repetable ( Africa - Europa - Asia And America SBC ) and thats all .

We can buy in store 7500k coins 3 rare players pack - Is no market and is not possible sold duplicate - So what we can do with all this duplicate ? Just put them in very poor repetable SCB .

All this work ok for begging after player open summary let say 50 packs - then later got in all next packs players got 90 % case only duplications.

And Importand question Is any difference bettern duplication RONALDO or Messi and duplication some random 75-78 low rating players from Asia ? - NO !!! is no any difference beetwen duplication Highest Rating players and low rating players - >>>>>>>>> Beacouse they not add any good SBC requied high rating cards so for now its dosent metter you have duplication of 90-95 rating cards or 75-78 rating cards beacouse only way what you can do with duplicate is put them in this low profit repetable sbc..............

Why they not add good sbc with requied high rating cards with possible better prize ( rare world cup players / icoins) .


  • AFC_95
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    You get a very reasonably "priced" icon and still complain. Sheesh.
  • Stone_cold_tea93
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    There will be more SBCs
  • SanityDK
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    I'm sure they will make loads of SBCs once the WC actually starts.
  • fazer
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    Ok im got Icon and what next >? if im wonna continue buy packs from this mode beacouse im like it But is no any reason to continue buy word cup packs - beacouse in some point you got in 99% case only dupication cards from all next packs.

    And like im say in previouse post is no any difference beatwen duplicate Ronaldo and duplicate some low rating 75 cards from Asia - in both case only way you can use them to - this low repetable sbc.

    Where is New Sbc requied High rating duplicate cards ? and offered better drop rare world cup cards
  • RadioShaq
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    It seems pretty easy to get players. I mean plenty are quitting the mode because they have all the top players already. Better sbcs on top of that will probably burn out the mode.
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