Nintendo Switch needs better FIFA 19

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MAY 31, 2018 12:56PM
So far Doom and Wolfenstein games with Unreal 4 engine (other good games i might not have mention here) are looking good on Nintendo Switch by more effect developers who are not lazy. EA still haven't done better with Nintendo console and spoiling it for Nintendo fans. Few games on Nintendo Switch can use Unreal 4 engine, i'm sure EA can use Frostbite engine on Nintendo Switch. I will find out at E3 or E3 on Youtube and I will watch some of the Youtubers who will be playing FIFA 19 for Switch after release in September - if I don't see no better changes or improvements such as (1) gameplay like the Xbox One (2) putting proper managers at the touchline (3) better crowd (4) better celebrations like the Xbox One because the celebrations on Switch is dull (5) better online play (6) better FUT mode for many FUT users (I don't play FUT mode) blah blah list just goes on and on.
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