If you are not that good in defending

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Does it make a difference then if you buy a better or expencive defender? they score easy against me anyway, or wil it even be worse if i sell my prime blanc and prime rio?


  • anakintommy
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    Icon defenders are generally OP. Defenders can help a lot but you have to be able to read players, that's what separates good and great defenders. Learn to predict what a player will do
  • Shehraj
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    if you mistime the tackle or go sliding in and they run past you, no there wont be any difference, but in 50-50 challenges, bodying the attacker moments, ai defending they are much superior. if you do want to save money and still want to keep pretty much the same quality, i'd sell them for cards like tots benatia.
  • letsfifa10
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    At first, i doubt to do sbc rio, but after using him, he is really a gamechanger with vital tackles n headers.

    P2W for sure
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