What to do with my Transfer list during crash

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so for weeks now ive been buying 82-85's and constantly relisting a full transfer list, for some reason I didn't even think about a impending crash as I had completely forgot about the WC mode.

My question now is what should I do with my full list of players who all go for cheaper than I got at the time, should I sell up for a loss or just bide my time and wait for things to go back up?


  • nj10
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    Use them for sbcs , they won't rise much now.

    How did you forget about WC mode there were hourly threads on it
  • DrMac95
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    haha I have no idea, I don't really come on here unless I'm at work so didn't even think about it during the weekend, even still I didn't expect the prices to go as mental as they have, I was buying for 2/3k and regularly getting sales for like 6/7k, i didn't think any dip would effect me that much aha.

    every other 'crash' this year hasn't effected any of the players ive been selling much at all so it didn't even cross my mind.
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