With Poland to the 2018 World Cup™

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Daniel Marzec is the Poland manager for the 2018 World Cup™ in Russia!

And if it's worth and fun continuing, it will!
You can have your say where after!

Please be aware it's 01-01-2018
(no one has relegated yet, though some teams are in deep trouble at this stage)

FC Metz
1.FC Kaiserslautern
Hamburger SV
Another suggestion?



  • Danimal5981
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  • subpop
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    First of all, good luck in this new story. Willing to see how far Marzec can take Poland.

    Personally, I would go for Metz, as there are a couple of German stories already and I like to see new leagues here. However, it's your choice... if you prefer a Budesliga story, my choice is Kaiserslautern.

  • Ashy
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    Nice to see you do the Poland World Cup story, I'd like to see you continue too but not sure what team, Hamburger out of those options maybe
  • Stlducks
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    I'd be interested to see if you could save Hamburg and then possibly move on to another club from there.
  • ASdoZeR
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    Good luck in the WC first of all.

    My vote is on Metz as they struggled the last seasons in France. From being relegated to the 3rd league, coming up back again to Ligue 1 just to be relegated again and come up again. Would love to see if Marzec can build up a good team which can establish themselve in the first league. Kaiserslautern would be my second choice.
    As I'm one of the biggest fans of Hamburgs relegation here in Germany I don't want you to save them :#
  • Danimal5981
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    @Subpop - Metz 3, Kaiserslautern 1, Hamburg 0
    @Ashy - Hamburg 1
    @Stlducks - Hamburg 3
    @ASdoZeR - Metz 3, Kaiserslautern 1, Hamburg 0

    Score for now: Metz 6, Hamburg 4, Kaiserslautern 2.

    We still have time (June 1st I decide) :wink:
  • ale1985bg
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    Good luck with the national team!

    And after that... Wisła Kraków anyone?
    Joking of course, I know that Marzec himself said he would love to manage outside of his native land...
    A surprise appearance by Marzec in the Ekstraklasa, to try and bring a Polish team on the top of Europe, could've been something interesting, but seeing that it's not gonna happen... Portugal, baby! Marzec could bring Vitoria Guimaraes to previously unseen highs for example!
  • Virtual_K
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    Good luck with the Polish team in the World Cup. Afterwards, I voted for Metz for no other reason than to see if Marzec can humble PSG and their money. :)
  • Danimal5981
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    @ale1985bg I'm putting both on the list. I'm doing play-throughs to see what is most enjoyable.
    @Virtual_K I'm going through some final preps

    ... I should have figured it all out by tomorrow...
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