World cup mode 1/10

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Not even sure what the 1 is for, Maybe for the fact that you even bothered whatsoever.

Considering there are no game play changes which we already knew weren't going to happen, I expected the small things that take a backseat to get improved but here we are, No atmosphere, No new boots, No new commentary team like in the 2010 game, So much better than this boring duo we put up with every year. You might as well get droopy to take alan smith's place instead of paying him for lines. I also hear you have wrong kits for certain teams too. I'm more impressed by the fact you added a sponsor to Sevilla this late on than the world cup add on.

I played 2 games, 1 with mexico in online tournament and 1 with russia offline, To check if there was any atmosphere difference but there wasn't, Its just the same dull nothing. just a bit of noise. Which by the way i'm pretty sure you used atmosphere as your selling point for FIFA18 as a whole. You completely scavenged online and haven't changed it for the update either, Its just click and go, No pre-match, barely any chants i remember when villareal had a horn in he background and bordeaux had one of the best atmospheres on the game, both of them have nothing now. somebody that works a standard 9-5 and mods in spare time for fun could of probably made this in a week on their own.

Overall all the feeling is nothing because i expected nothing, This add-on is the pinnacle of what has become fifa, Its took 8 years since fifa SA10 and each year has been a joke that is no longer funny. Also he fact your pulling it off as some charitable freebie is such BS, as if we didnt know the new ultimate team packs that come with this update will cover it. i could go on and on and on. I dont and will never play ultimate team will also why i probably felt the need to make this rant because im a UT killed the fifa series bandwagoner

oh btw i am pretty sure not 100% but rafa marquez is in the mexico squad but not on fifa. tada.


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