Store doesn't work


  • Razer94
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    not happening today bois
  • Viggo 007
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    Awful company
  • Fragdas
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    MattiasTTS wrote: »
    I went to the store to open my free packs and it said the store was unavailable. I tried again 2 hours later, still didn't work.

    Same story, I tried now and still doesn't work
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    all guys with Have problem and Disrespected by EA go to and Report for FIFA the EA disrespect with players! a lot of game studios want make a better game with this trade Mark! more that 8years of game without solutions!
  • DSD27
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    Viggo 007 wrote: »
    stilllllllllll at 23.39 in portugal
    in ps4 and xbox work and i pay 69 euros to pc and i need what mor to play ???
    pliz resolve this

    LOL, paid 35€ for mine

    Same here. That's one of teh advantages of PC Gaming, you pay much less and you get better graphics and framerates.
    With FIFA that doesn't compensate for the cheaters and smaller player base but FIFA isn't my main game anympre so I don't care.
  • It's been around 6 hours since they fixed the consoles and not PC. around 9 hours since the store has been disabled overall. I understand that consoles have a bigger presence, but shouldn't it have been fixed by now? What's the problem? Why is it taking so long? All they're saying is that they are investigating "issues". What are these "issues"? I'm sick and tired of not having any transparency. EA, tell us EXACTLY what's going on, and give us some sort of compensation for not being able to play ALL day on OPENING DAY.
  • m0kerr
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    This is just ridiculous. It's always the same, they don't care about PC. They solved it within 3 hours for PS4 and Xbox, but pc? Nah, who cares about PC, right? Get your . together, EA.
  • 408fc
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    Store still offline in Brazil, It worked for the last time about 12:30 GMT -3
    Now 22:50 GMT -3 and the situation remains the same

    Stores working anywhere??
  • aljw515
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    408fc wrote: »
    Store still offline in Brazil, It worked for the last time about 12:30 GMT -3
    Now 22:50 GMT -3 and the situation remains the same

    Stores working anywhere??

    Nope, i believe its the entire pc platform. I chatted with ea help and asked "when will the store be up?" The guy bayul asked me "what store may i ask?"

    Fifa 18 may be ending and i doubt the fifa game series will ever end, but fifa is becoming a joke thats for sure (:
  • XpCyPeNa
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    it's been down for how long? 15+ h? nice joke ea, we're all laughing :neutral:
  • SugarBoy
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    Still doesn’t work. Is it a joke? How long are we supposed to wait EA?
  • gandzik
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    not working 14 hours ago, not working now. wtf??? told me ea when i can open my free packs in fut and fut wc russia?
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    This has to be the biggest (unexpected) downtime ever on FIFA... I mean... 15 F’n hours?!?
  • Chubz
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    Still not available
  • Froge
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    Still not available...come on EA...
  • PiotrLolo
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    "EA Sports! It's in the game!"

    but not working :lol:
  • It's still not available!!
  • salvadordali1
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    still doesent work... this is one hell of a prank theyre just pulling off xD
  • SugarBoy
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    Still waitin’
  • U must be kidding me. Still not working !!! U are piece of sh*t. Ofc i won't buy FIFA 19.
  • maybe other football games will have faster update ?
  • For 26 hours one kid can fix all game... we just want store
  • WHAT WRONG WITH YOU EASPORTS!? Where is useble STORE on PC!!!??!!?!??How much!?!?!?
  • bjornini
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    trampo23 wrote: »

    what a lot of ❤️❤️❤️❤️.

    Still doesn't explain why it has to take so long to fix it
  • 00daniel00
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    FIFA 18 in pc = karius liverpool

  • Chubz
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    00daniel00 wrote: »
    FIFA 18 in pc = karius liverpool

    Makes total sense now!
  • Smolarek325
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    the WC mode isnt that great either tbh, I guess it will die in 1-2 weeks even before the WC starts, one hour into the game and everyone is running around with super teams and icons, they should have made special coins for the WC mode and that you are not able to use your normals ones in there so that the grind is slower and you have to use like 67 rated teams etc, also the modes are dumb, draft has really bad rewards and if you win the world cup once the flavour is gone, I won it first time thanks to loan R9
  • Viggo 007
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    Logical ETA would be end of TOTS SBC or ligue 1/serie a.

    So today imo, most people wont get home before 6pm so they wont be able to do one sbc in time
  • Alemas_2012
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    So there's been a patch?
    Has the FPS issue been fixed, at least?
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