How to apply pressure

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So I am getting really frustrated about how my opponents can control one player while also having another player stick to my player like glue, while my players stay 10 meters away from his players when he has possession. I am just wondering what I could do to apply this kind of pressure. Am I missing something? Is there any custom tactics or some button combination that does that? Thanks


  • rnmays1
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    Build a team full of tottenham players
  • W16
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    This tactic only work without delay and/ or ” the Potter thing we cant speak about”. If its active you have to take a pause or accept the game is against you.
  • AFC_95
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    rnmays1 wrote: »
    Build a team full of tottenham players

  • krappen07
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    When out of possession, press and hold triangle and you'll have a player aggressively pressuring trying to take the ball away
  • BL86
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    It’s a combination of effectively using second man press, the right formation and custom tactics.

    You don’t always need to be the nearest man when defending, use second man press for that while you control another player to cut passing lane or close down space they want to attack in to.
  • JohnDoe
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    Push really hard.
  • theraduku
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    Oh I see. I'll try to get used to second man press then. It seems to work very well for the people I come up against, especially against my type of playstyle.
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