UEFA Champions League Final - Real Madrid vs. Liverpool (2-1)


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    mHazard posted this link earlier..
    Sorry guys but I have to defend Ramos little bit. Take a look at this FB post:


    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ happens. But I understand the frustration.

    That really changes things.. Funny how on the internet ppl can be quick to play judge jury prosecutor without getting facts straight before rendering judgement

    I remember when Barca where dominating under Pep. Everybody got on the bandwagon of Barca being favored by officials, UEFA Barca.

    Ppl seem to get so tired of one team dominating, that everything that team does gets so magnified, when in actuality the same occurrences, roughness and underhanded dirty playing is more or less a normal occurrence in all major leagues.
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    I think Real Madrid deserved it, but clearly the Salah incident changed the game.

    Leaving the keeper aside for a moment, I have thought for the last 4-6 weeks that Liverpool’s lack of squad depth and incredibly weak bench will catch up with them and it finally did. Lallana replaced Salah and honestly in my view looked completely out of his depth at this level. I am struggling to remember when I have seen him have a big game for Liverpool. Then even later in the game you could see Klopp didn’t really have any other options. In contrast Madrid had some world class players on the bench.
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    Tomb1302 wrote: »
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    HALA MADRID!!!! The greatness, the a mentality, the coolness, the love.... Madrid disects Juventus and now Liverpool for a back to back to back..3-peat babyyyy

    Looking for attention, or pure stupid.

    Shhhhhhh... stupid is thinking that you wouldn't be so happy celebrating had it been the other way around. Sick of all the Liverpool fans talking sht and calling it their year as soon as they got to the final. I have every right to celebrate and I said nothing wrong, I stated facts, a great club with a great mentality destroyed a fantasy football club who spend all year long knowing they had a shtty keeper and made no attempt to replace him. Turns out your win against Man City is as close to a trophy as you can get :smile:
    Hala Madrid :love:
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