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Hi, I'm just checking to see if anyone had similar problems with FIFA 18 for PC, and maybe have a solution or any advice for that matter, since EA live chat is not really helping with this.

When I start the game it gives me this weird message I never seen before, I have a screenshot, but first I will try to explain what exactly has happened.

I was playing FUT, the game crashed in the middle of the match, that doesn't matter, crash is not the problem right now, anyway, I didn't start FIFA again immediately (like I always do after the crash), but went to Orgin instead and clicked on repair FIFA 18, after it finished I restarted my computer, went back in Origin and when I start the game it starts the launcher but when I click Play it gives me the following message:


I was a little worried about content of that message (hacking came to my mind), so I changed all my passwords and other details, but it's not that, as far as I can see. Anyway I can access web app, and everything is fine, only thing that is wrong is when I go to the squad screen, it gives me another error, I also have a screenshot, but it basically says, "you can't move your players around because your squad is not saved, please log back in your console and go to FIFA main menu" or something like that, this is the screenshot:


That message in web app kind of pointed me in direction to think I know what is the problem. I think because the game crashed I didn't properly leave FUT, and then I went in Origin and repaired the FIFA 18, when I should've started FIFA again and gone in FUT to receive that DNF message, and then I should of repaired the game, and I think it would be fine like that.

Anyway, live chat didn't helped, they suggested that I uninstall and then install Origin and FIFA again, and I did, but that didn't helped, it's the same error message. They also said it will resolve by itself, but after 72 hours, which is kind of too much, i wouldn't be able to play WL, and it's just too much time for me, 72 hours.

I don't think I did anything wrong, and even if i did made the mistake with repair FIFA, it shouldn't lock me out of the game for it. After uninstalling and installing everything again I don't think I can do anything else on my part, it must be possible for someone to correct this, for me, fault behaviour of FIFA.

Also, I should mention, the game is played only on one computer, I use two computers for accessing web app, home and work, but I only play actual game on one computer, at home, of course. I didn't change any hardware in the meantime, nor did the windows upgrade, at least not that I know of it. Only thing that happened is I installed new graphics drivers, but i don't relate it really with this.

Anyway, if some of you guys had similar problems and have some suggestion about this, or if some of the moderators can rely this information to someone who can take a look and possible offer some kind of solution, that would be great.
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