What style of football do you like to play in career mode?

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I will start. I like having a very strong and physical team. Everyone in my team has to have an absolute minimum of 80 strength. I like to have 2 CDM with very high strength and marking to man mark and be the first layer of my solid defensive. I usually use a 4-2-2-2 formation to have a mixture of patient build-up and fast counter attacking, depending on the situation and what kind of game it is. I like mixing my attacks up by changing methods. One way to do so is put Lukaku and Fellaini as two strikers and cross them the ball. This way I can take advantage of their abilities in the air. Other times I use Martial and Lukaku to create chances between them by doing the good old 1-2 pass or just get in a through ball through the defense and use their speed. I also use custom tactics and player instructions to ensure I get the best out of my players.
I naturally buy strong players to make a very solid and defensive team. How about you guys?


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    My preferred style's like a blend of 2017/18 Man City and Napoli, its a development of what I'd played in older FIFAs. I'm really liking the new, more realistic passing and defending
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