3 old icons

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Larson overmars Laudrup.... submit them in prime icon sbc and hope for the best or just keep??? Since fifa is dead and over 600 games with all 3 each and $20 Canadian dollars spent in game... mad hours trading..
What y'all say?


  • Shehraj
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    If your not going to use them you can
    a) submit them to complete an icon like gullit, r9 etc that require multiple
    b) submit them for 100k packs in various icon sbcs
    c) use them as high rated sbc fodder
    i'd recomend a
  • starchunderpants
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    They part of my main team. I build around all 3 of them... I only have 500k and a crap load of gold red informs.. my reds are nothing special. Best one is dybala but can t build around him
  • starchunderpants
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    So thanks so far... I may just do this with the primes
  • E_clipZe
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    Yea get a prime. I did put baby Vieira, prime Kluivert, prime zanetti, tots sterling, sbc de bruyne and some other untradeable tots players in prime Gullit and wow he is something else
  • nj10
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    Yeah I have gullit he's probably the best icon out there.

    Use your icons for him or any of the icons which were your favourite player
  • Viggo 007
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    Gullit is the best because he's so versatile that if you dont like him in one position you'll find somewhere to play him. Others are hit and miss, you may like or hate them
  • iggypop
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    I have a prime Hernandez who has scored over 1000 goals! but now have Aguero and Werner TOTS! he is now barely a sub! don't really have the coins for a top tier icon!
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