Fifa 19 career mode wishlist

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Fifa 19 career mode wishlist

Fifa 18 career mode's latest upgrade with the transfer system was a good change that was needed, it added something new to the game, however the repetitive nature of career mode is still the same. After 2-3 seasons it just seems the same old. Personally i would like to see a few small changes added to this years game that give you a reason to play more seasons before it gets repetitive.

1.Carry all player/manager stats over season by season, e.g. goals, games played, trophies won. For instance it would be great to hear the commentry team mention that the manager is about to manage his 100th game for his current club, or that "lacazette" has just scored his 100th goal for arsenal. You could even add personal records like Premier league all time top 10 goalscoring list. You could challenge youself to get your newly promoted youth academy striker to over take Alan Shearers Premier league goal scoring record, (this could potentially take anything up to 10 season).

2.Players having their own personalities and you have to manage them accordinally to get the best out of them through out each season. i.e. Mesut Ozil - less defensive duties or he will request to play for a more attacking team. Playing a striker that likes to get in behind as a target man asks you to change tactics or he will demand a transfer.

3.Actual teams getting bought out by a "billionaire" and challenging for top trophies, buying top players. (this could be your own club or others).
No1 is a main priority that i hope you would look to get added, none of these requests are game changing but would definately make career mode more interesting and hopefully get rid of that repetitive nature.

Please feel free to add any pro's or con's, and you are more than welcome to add any of your own ideas.

I hope EA read this and consider my ideas!
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    Your 3rd one kinda used to be in. Few years back you'd often see a news report usually one a season about someone having a takeover and cash injection, usually someone like Everton or stoke in PL. They would then buy a top player or 2 next window and if went to jobs page you'd see they'd have about 50mil budget more than normal
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    I have a feeling your first one will never be implemented, as EA seem to find this task difficult despite how easy it actually is to code it. Your second one is the same - easy to do but EA too lazy to put it in. I remember your 3rd one being a feature about 4-5 years ago but they removed it for some obvious reason: it was repetitive. We can only dream
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    We would like to congratulate EA SPORTS for the great work they have been doing over the years to make the career mode even more immersive and entertaining, remembering that in their last venture they have granted the major continental tournaments of UEFA a great way, and it is exactly above of this question that I want to expose my request to EA SPORTS:

    - My request to EA SPORTS is to work to bring the main continental competitions of COMEMBOL to the career mode.

    - If possible bring up the main FIFA intercontinental tournaments for the game too.

    - And so provide the traditional clash between UEFA clubs and COMEMBOL.
  • What I’m longing to see on career mode is the option to be able to have the actual manager of the team your representing instead of a created character
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    Im buzzing for fifa 19 career mode.. got the ucl and europa leage rights... serie a/b and coppa italia rights... 16 new la liga stadiums and 200 new la liga faces .. can't wait!
  • I was disheartened to see that the manager career mode is still essentially the same, besides the addition of champions and Europa league. I would love to see more customization, options, and the ability to play academy games. I believe a customizable/ upgradable stadium would be awesome. Even if it was in a situation where you start a new football club and have to build it up. For example, you could start a new MLS Franchise or buy a new club starting in the lowest professional division of England; then have the ability to pick a sponsor, create kits, choose a mascot, start an academy, build facilities, sign players, and create a stadium. Overtime as your club grows you can upgrade your stadium and get new sponsors, or if you are just the manager get offered a job at a bigger club. I also believe the manager job situation should be addressed. Right now, clubs in the game are keeping the same managers throughout the entire career mode. That is not realistic, managers are getting swapped around like baseball cards. The game should start firing managers for terrible performances. The hiring and firing process should also happen primarily in the summer instead of new job positions not being available until half way through the season.
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