Good CAM RB link

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Need a strong link for a CAM and a RB, doesn't matter what league but It appreciate some pace.
Can spend about 400k maybe 500k at a push

Thanks in advance

Edit: Looked at Hazard and Azpi which seems like a solid combo but maybe just above my budget


  • sofyanm
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    Cuadrado - IF Dybala
    FB Peres - FB Florenzi
    IF Aurier - TOTS Alli
    TOTGS Kimmich - TOTS James
    TOTS Caliguri - IF Goretzka
    SIF Vrsjalko - SIF Griezmann
    SIF Pereira - Prime Rui Costa
    IF Bellerin - TOTS David Silva
    SIF Moses - IF Hazard or Prime Okocha

    I think you have the choice now :joy:
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