TOTS caligiuri any good?

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basically title, i currently have arias but wondering if caligiuri is any good anyone tried him?


  • TalentFG
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  • Equinox 85
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    I am playing him as a sub for LCM and he is decent. Wouldn't use him as a RB though
  • dylwms
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    Using him at rb, undecided at the moment :/
  • Danic123
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    Great at RWB, his actual position. As a RB, he’s still good, but there are better out there if all you do is have the full backs on stay back.

    I bought him, but now have him untradeable and I’m very pleased with him. I previously had Arias too.
  • Brownie1524
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    Awful RB! Sold after one game for a 1k profit haha. Doesn't move like a MM, the worst tracking of players I've ever seen.
  • Arsenalfan97
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    I’m using him at RB with a sentinel and he is really solid his dodgy defending stats aren’t as noticeable as you would think due to his height and strength. Not quite Kyle walker lvl but I’d give him a decent 8/10
  • Shaanxz
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    Best position is cm or RW
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