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After all this TOTS releases, WL is becoming boring, people just play PTB and counterattacking as usual, with the difference that now everyone has +97 speedy guy so i've decided it's time to refresh a bit my glorious team, i'm gonna write players i'd like to sub and reasons, feel free to suggest options:

Maldini 94 -> i'd like more someone like Ramos that try always to keep ahead of the opponent, moreover Maldini feels really slow against players like Son and it's timing caused me lot of trouble (penalties) this week, (Blanc?)

Alves TOTY->i was one of the few who liked him, his passing and crossing were been superb for me, however i think there are some better options now, especially because he is really slow compared to the sane/son of this days and he is most of the time out of position. (Kimmich?)

Carlos prime->He does his job decently, however i don't use him as i should i guess because it's rare that i shoot with the lb and it's rare as well that i cross with him (Toty marcelo/Alba?)

Matthaus prime->With gullit prime and vieira prime, i thought i needed a speedy guy however it's like i have 1,5mio wasted here, i don't like him at all, not sure if it's matter of him being little or something else. I like very much to anticipate the opponent and put pressure and he doesn't do the job, nor he is a pro of interceptions for me at least. I am waiting to get tots milinkovic in the meantime? (casemiro?rjikard?tots goretza?)

I've already sold each of them and plan to buy on monday the subs with around 3.4mio, Maldini is untradable.



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    If you need a speedy guy in midfield Casemiro is not your man. I'd go with Goretzka TOTS. Guy looks like a beast and a half meanwhile at LB you can't go wrong with TOTY Marcelo.
    Blanc is really good. You should get the 89 though while at RB I can't let Valencia go so can't give you much of an oppinion there
  • Zv1k0
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    TOTS Walker at RB.
  • Flymi
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    Maldini for baily. Alves for Valencia. Matthaus for bakayoko. Still be op Then spend your coins on wc mode
  • Flymi
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    I did actually put some serious suggestions there but for some reason it cut them off. But it was basically what the 2 posts above put anyway lol.
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