How is TOTS Pique

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What about TOTS Pique? Can he do anything against quick strikers? Bit worried with his 60 accelaration and 70 agility. Looking to pair him up with Godin


  • RvN008
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  • SergeyGud
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    Using him until I get desaily, not that bad with a shadow as I expected him to be, but one mistake and he is outpaced in a second, other than pace he's wonderful
  • Heshamk93
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    If youre going to pair him up, pair him up with someone quick like Tots hernandez on 7 chem
    Putting two centerbacks against fast strikers can be problematic unless you use low pressure and PTB
  • ppeetteerr11
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    Lack of aggression on him pisses me off. De Ligt is far more superior to him. and a fraction of the price.
  • RvN008
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    Thanks. Seems like I'll let him pass. I could get De Ligt, Tagliafico and TOTS Partey in, instead of Pique, Parejo and Filipe Luis. Does that seem better?
  • falcon38
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    Pique was alright when I used him with Prime Rio but pairing with Godin was horrible idea.
    both feel very clunky and with low acceleration on both it is impossible to catch up once your opponent's attacker go behind either one of them.
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