Advice on LB

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So I've been using IF Monreal for while simply because he did a job and I wanted to put coins into other areas, however now I want to improve on him, got a prem team:


Prime Zanetti -TOTS Otamendi- Alderweireld - ???

88 Pogba - TOTS Eriksen - SBC De Bruyne

92 POTM Salah - 93 POTM Kane - 93 POTM Sane

as a huge chunk of my team is untradeable trying to hybrid a LB would be pretty tough without changing formation, which I don't want to do as I like how this plays, would be looking for a prem LB and have been looking at TOTS Young/ TOTS Robertson or a cheap option in 85 IF Kolasinac, any suggestions or alternatives you guys would recommend?

I also am looking at improving on alderweireld but honestly, I think hes fairly solid and enjoy using him so haven't felt the need yet


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