Is it me or does TOTS Lozano speed dribbling seem awkward....

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Had IF 84 Lozano as super sub and loved his dribbling. His dribbling is still good with L1 and close control but when he speed dribbles now he hits the ball so far in front of him and when he turn when speed dribbling its hard to control.

His finishing does seem a bit off as well. Perhaps as a super sub he came on when everyone was tired and was more effective. But starting him, especially with everyone having TOTS doesn't make him overwhelming. Don't get me wrong, he still is a fantastic player. maybe i was expecting too much............


  • Shakeybakey
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    I feel the same way with him pal, allways had him super sub and did wonders off the bench but now starting the tots one and doesnt seem affective or much diff
  • Gorda
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    His ball control isnt superhigh, his not Messi or neymar tots but its cheap op player for sure.
  • JustFigureItOut
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    Interestingly, his defensive ability is underrated. Played him as RCM in 41212 in the past and he was so effective at winning ball back and menacing opponents. Then his through runs from central midfield were so OP and has excellent long shots. May actually go back to that.
  • Andrux2k
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    He is just OP for me. 4 games and 8 goals in dv1
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