Gullit & KDB Advice Needed

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Hi guys. My current team (41212 narrow)
86 Telles- Prime Rio- 89 Blanc- 87Arias
Prime Vieira
Prime Petit - TOTSAlli
Prime Gullit

Alli and Son untradeables. I also have KDB 94 from SBC. Is it wise for me to play KDB instead of Alli? In this situation KDB will play CAM, and I have to pull Gullit to CM which I am very reluctant.

Your advice is highly appreciated.


  • Jeyrus
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    Replacing Alli with KDB94 will be much better for you. I'm using him for about 600 games at cam and he's out of this world. Only CAMs are better than KDB are TOTY/S KDB's and ADP.
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