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218 posts Sunday League Hero
Will everyones Fahrmann card play the same seen as though they all have the same stats?

The reason I ask is because everyone says he's one of the best keepers on the game but for me he barely saves anything. I would even go as far as to say over 50% of shots on target result in a goal with him in the team.

Maybe I have a broken Fahrmann.


  • Svenneke
    43 posts Last Pick at the Park
    I got the same, but it goes for every goal keeper for me.
    Just bad luck I guess...
  • Xx_iou_cheesecake_xX
    2678 posts Fans' Favourite
    Fahrmann has been my NO.1 since Day One. I tried to replace him with Ter Stegen and still have to try Adan but he's just amazing anyway.
  • SStubbs88
    218 posts Sunday League Hero
    As an afterthought I think it would be good to have a games played/goals conceded stat for goalkeepers instead of them having games played/goals scored.

  • Persevere80
    1129 posts Professional
    Fahrmann futties would be nice.
  • Vflagship
    1205 posts Professional
    He is absolutely insane. Just lost after he made 10+ Gordon banks saves.
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