Dear Anonymous

We know you read these posts, but you do not answer our questions. I will not call anyone out as there's absolutely no need to be posting usernames, gamertags, Nintendo Network IDs etc. of other users to call them out - even if I think they're doing an unhelpful, and downright embarrassing, job.

We, as a community, have tried to reach out to you to address the complaints we have about this game, both on these forums, the bug reports and on other platforms, but we have had no response. All we ask is an explanation as to why the Switch Version of FIFA 18 does not have half the features the other consoles have whilst being on sale at the same price.

For Example:

The Journey - I understand why this is missing as the Switch is not as powerful as the other 3 platforms that FIFA 18 is available for..

Career Mode Cut-scenes - Same reason as the Journey

EASFC Catalog - This is missing and for no reason? There are no hardware limitations dictating why this shouldn't be in the game

Online Friendlies - Why can't we play with our friends?

FUT (the big one) - Most Features are missing.

1. DKT/Weekend League
2. Squad Battles
3. Daily/Weekly Objectives
4. Promotions such as FUT Swap and the FUT Birthday SBCs
5. Icon SBCs
6. Online Friendlies (Again)
7. ROTW SBCs (like seriously, why don't we have these)

We paid full price for half a game, if we had been told at launch that some of these features would be missing, some may not have bought the game and paid even more money for FIFA Points. I bought FIFA Points at the start of the game with the knowledge that I would be getting the promotions that every other FIFA 18 player would be getting. I feel that I have been taken advantage of.

I ask for an AMA to take place, and I'm sure all of the community will second that. You choose the platform (e.g these forums, discord or reddit) and the time. I await your response.

Sincerely, Brychan


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