Not sure what I was expecting from TOTS De Bruyne but it wasn't this..

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Spent a good month or so away from the game but with TOTS I thought I may as well come on for the SBC's. Got Vertonghan from the first and De Bruyne in the 2nd. I used his normal card as a CM for a while so I knew roughly what to expect. Anyway put him as my CAM in a 41212(2) and I've got to be honest I've never used a card like this before.

He's more or less winning me games by himself. Even if I'm playing bad (which I am with the time away from the game) you just press shoot and it's a goal. Angle and distance doesn't even seem to matter he's actually ridiculous. I was worried about the H/H but it doesn't seem to make any difference with him the runs he makes are phenomenal. Not sure how many of you out there were lucky enough to pull him or can afford him but he is an absolute game changer. Re-ignited an interest into Fifa for me. Probably won't last long tbf but to play with a player this good is refreshing.

I've owned a lot of top tier cards this year. Prime Bergkamp, 95 Suarez, Prime Overmars, baby R9, Prime Crespo the list goes on but I've not used a card like this this year. Insane.


  • Kyranst
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    Same here he made me get back into FIFA haha he was absolutely unreal for me he can do stuff no other player can do.
  • OZero
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    He is the perfect CAM.
  • Claret_n_blue_blood
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    agreed am so glad I got him in the sbc as no way could I afford him
  • Zdarlightt
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    Yepppp beastly card, playing him behind TOTS Firmino and they do wonderssssssss
  • Bas
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    How is he compared to sbc de Bruyne?
  • GrinWithoutaKat
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    Been using his TOTY Since it came out and he feels on CR7's level. Got other expensive cards like TOTS Aguero, 90 Gullit, but none of them feel like they're winning me games like KDB/CR7. Aguero has equal or better stats in long shots, shot power, finishing, but can't hit it from anywhere and see it fly in like KDB can.
  • BL86
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    So which KDB card is better.. TOTS/TOTY?
  • fussydutchman
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    Hmmm, I'm playing him a RCM in a 41212(2) and he's good but I can't seem to get him to score much or be a huge difference maker in that spot. Maybe I need to try him at CAM. Hitch is that I have 91 Ronaldinho playing there at the moment.
  • caedite
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    TOTY KDB has the highest goal contribution in my team (from CAM) bar R9. My card of the year so far.
  • Ballist1x
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    Yeah we needed more broken players against broken goalkeepers:(
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