TOTS Valeri

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I was going to use it for the La Liga TOTS SBC but then I saw his stats...99 long shots? Besides his pace and physical...this card looks insane!


  • alvchong
    1597 posts Play-Off Hero
    Experimenting by using him in between my icon Crespo and Zanetti. Score few heading. Not bad. Anytime feel not good will recycle the card in next SBC.
  • HideousCompany
    632 posts An Exciting Prospect
    I flung him straight into my MLS squad and he's alright. Feels much quicker than 77 pace, good passer but I felt his long shots were disappointing. Perhaps putting a hawk on him might help? I'm probably going to keep him though
  • Persevere80
    1171 posts Professional
    I've not tried him yet but I managed to complete the challenge last night. I almost traded him in to reduce the cost of La Liga sbc but after seeing his ig stats i used pope in instead.
  • Lackosweat
    7535 posts League Winner
    He’s great. Gives link to Pastore and Di Maria in the POTY Neymar’s PSG challenge B)
  • Viggo 007
    12248 posts Has That Special Something
    double 3* and generic card, I'll pass
  • nj10
    2199 posts Fans' Favourite
    I think it's a decent card, I have MLS/ calcio a as my fitness squad so he goes quite nicely in there.

    Didn't feel too mobile to me so I had to use him quite sparingly.
  • RayS
    31222 posts National Team Captain
    solid but not game changing card imo. Granted I've only used him a few game so far in my MLS hybrid. If he fits into your team, I would give him a shot. But I wouldn't change my whole team around to force him in.
  • RayS
    31222 posts National Team Captain
    Viggo 007 wrote: »
    double 3* and generic card, I'll pass

    @Viggo 007 u are now my mortal enemy
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