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Best position for tots sterling?

362 posts Sunday League Hero
He's awful in every side of the pitch :s


  • Retro1989
    4949 posts National Call-Up
    Change formation at kick off and put him at striker that's what all the cun....pros do.
  • Fishunia
    604 posts An Exciting Prospect
    i use him at CAM , he is ❤️❤️❤️❤️ smooth , quick and amazing there.u can change direction of ur attack in blistering speed!
  • Stone_cold_tea93
    1943 posts Fans' Favourite
    Left back
  • RayS
    29014 posts National Team Captain
    RF or ST on 7 chem
  • Parth12008
    1414 posts Professional
  • Kyranst
    473 posts An Exciting Prospect
    I have an agenda against using attacking players with 3* WF or below as they’re so one dimensional and easy to predict as 3* WF to me feels like 2*/1*.

    Looking at his card though I would say CAM would be his suited position. Looks like he’s got amazing dribbling and passing and looks like he can score some screamers as long as you stay off his left foot. (Just basing from card/in game stats).
  • RedKraut
    682 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Rcam 4222.
  • Socalj11
    1671 posts Play-Off Hero
  • LovelyVillain
    3579 posts National Call-Up
    He is INCREDIBLE at CAM. I always start him at RCM and Firminho at CAM, but when I make a sub or when my opponent pauses, I’ll move him to CAM and Firminho to ST and make a sub OR sub on Sterling at CAM if I have him on the bench. He’s one of the best CAMs in the game even with trash chem lol... absolutely bangs in screamers from anywhere, feet set or not, and dribbles like Messi. One of my favorite players to dribble with for sure and his shot is legitimately incredible.
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