Is currently some problem with EA servers? im noticed a lot discconect today ?

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Hi today when im login to fifa im got messege server busy back later - next when im loogin and try play just notmal my 2 division games then when im find opponent then was lagg im event dont see his cards and disconect.

Next im try play weekend league qualifications and 2 my oponents got instantly disconnect without " dead wheel " just like we play normal and one got disconnect in 50 minuts of game when results was 1-1 .

( Funny was im just lose in this case one of 16 chances to win qualifications beacose he got discconect when results was 1-1 ) im back and system show me - 15 chances left ... .

Secund game same opnnent got instantly disconnect without " dead whell " around 60 minuts of game.

So this is only problem from my case or just everyone have mess trash server today ?

Ea cant even hadle all traffic with invest with better server? game is impossible currently with this high numbers discconect.


  • I cant find a match in seasons online since 3 days ago...I try to looking for 30 minutes and never find anything .I just can play PRO CLUBS.
    Its really weird :/

    Unfortunately FIFA 18 is broken....

    I hope when the new uptade comes my problem wil be resolved :s
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