How is TOTS David Silva

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Would use him as LCM.
Any reviews or opinions?


  • yogibear
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    Not a central midfielder imo.
  • snoikdonk
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    I'm warming to him @ CAM as he seems to be hitting a bit of form for me. I wouldn't play him @ LCM unless you have decent cover for his defensive role. He can't tackle to save his life.. His passing and shooting with his left are great though.
  • Darfi02
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    Definitely a CAM he's great there i use him there with a maestro chem style on him
  • Vflagship
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    I did like him there but I'm going off him a bit, doesn't seem to get very involved
  • PJXD11
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    I have him as a CM, it's quite good, scores a lot from long range
  • eRbz26
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    edited May 2018
    I dropped eriksen to rcm to use silva at cam but I miss the presence that eriksen has at cam.. hes more involved.. silva gets lost at times
  • Peewee916
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    Very very good in Cam
  • MaxxyMousse
    309 posts Sunday League Hero
    Bad. Sold him
  • Lobbers99
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    Awesome at Cam, just remember he is left footed, any finesse shot outside box is in, reminds a lot like Messi.
  • Tommygunn
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    I love coming up against him in Cm. He plays vs gullit and Vieira and doesn’t get a kick
  • Xxcdhxx
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    I got him as the second BPL SBC player and use a 4321 formation. As a CM he is not ideal for me. Small, weak and with a 2 star weak foot. I was trying to focus on him as he was my new player, but he didn't stand out.

    If you play him as a CAM and he's higher up the field he'd be good at scoring left foot finesse shots, but that's about it.

    I also got Firmino in an SBC pack, play him RCM and he's great there as my offensive midfielder alongside Vieira and Blanc. Most of the other BPL midfielders will be better CMs than Silva I imagine.
  • ChrisMagicman13
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    I tried him LCM, was useless for me overall, my opponents just ran through me. Attacking he was great but just felt like I was playing with 10 men. I’ve now put him CAM and he is amazing!
  • number7rocky
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    I'm using him at LCM in a 41212 and am 14-2. Got him on anchor. He's not the best choice there but he can do a job. He's untradable so thought I'll give him a chance.
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