Cheaters again...

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And again and again... cheaters. Minute 5 , 1-0 for me and he paused the game and now nothing happens, Menu also not available.... And you have a rule not to report their names here. Why ???


  • Ronaldinho999
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    2 days ago this happened to me again, waited 4hours only to get a msg saying connection lost and the game didnt count
  • DarkMac
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    Lucky you... for me it counted as a loss ! :(
  • Dragosme
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    I get you. Happened to me in 2 finals. I notified EA and no response, nothing.
  • DarkMac
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    Still no answer for this issue?
  • AFCA_P
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    No, it still happened to me 2 times
  • YYZ
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    man I wish this was the only issue we had to deal with in Fifa18. Sadly this one isn’t even my radar. I was 10-2-3 earlier today. Now I’m 11-2-16. Game has so many flaws I’m putting it away.
    The only reason I have PSN membership was for FIFA. I guess I don’t need to pay for online any longer. EA has cost PSN network a customer.
    If I ever purchase another rendition of FIFA, I will only play career and buy it after Christmas when it is less than $30
  • TacticalTugTeam
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    If you go from a very positive record to a negative record then even with the flawed game that is FIFA18 then it's your own fault :D can't blame it all on the game.. We all hope FIFA19 has better gameplay but having a negative record you have no excuse

    Git gud. B)

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