Do you ever buy expensive player and instantly regret it?

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Feels like doing it all the time :D Losing coins because of this.


  • ICUP
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    Thats why I got a squad full of untradables
  • Retro_G
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    Yes, have lost about 200k in tax since TOTS released.
  • jokeaway
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    ICUP wrote: »

    Thats why I got a squad full of untradables


    I must have bought about 15 CR7 cards (all variations) until now, giving him always a new try .. but he always wasn't worth it for me and I almost instantly regretted it.

    I now stick with 95 Neymar instead.
  • VARD67876
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    Yup, like i said in the best 3 players thread every expensive player i've bought bar a couple have always left me feeling there was a sub 50k player that was at least 95% as good as this 500k+ player.
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    Yep 2.8 million on Prime R9. I genuinely have never resented spending that many coins more.
  • deang07
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    tax cost me mils every yr changing up squads and players ect .
    it is what it is there has to be tax atleast its only 5% i suppose.
  • AFC_95
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    Yes, expensive for me that is so 100k played. I must have bought and sold SIF Wilson six or seven times this season and now he's back in my team.
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  • silas1980
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    tbh It'd quicker to list the ones I don't regret.


    That's it :neutral:
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