300+ upgrade packs best pulls (spoiler it's bad)

Ze Jay
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So at this point I've done way over 300 of the upgrade packs concisting of both the different packs, I had roughly 2500 players in my club to start with and I now currently have just 194 players left in my club, I managed to open so many by doing the upgrade sbc's from bronze up to silver and silver to gold.

After all these packs these where my best pulls:
Tots Otamendi x2 (both discards as I got him in both my guarenteed card sbc's)
Lloris x1
Czech x1
Fabrigas x1
Gundogan x2
Morata x1
Bernando Silva x7
Herrera x1
Bailly x3
Champions league Wijnaldum x1
Martial x3

The heart breaking thing is I've basically bankrupted myself yet me friend does 5 and gets Aguero and Fermino. Does more as I said I was still doing them and then he gets Otamendi and Mane. Im now broke with an untradable team :cry:

Lesson learnt, My luck sucks so don't bother again.


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