Career mode improvements people want

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Was just wondering what improvements. People wanted to see in your FIFA 19 career mode. That is the question we would love EA to ask but never get the chance.

My only aggravation is the leagues that exist presently, I’d like to see more improved league structures in the game. Meaning I’d like to see full cup competitions in each league that is in the game it’s ridiculous that some leagues have incomplete competitions like national cups.

I would also like to see an improvement in national team management I want competitions to qualify for also. Have a proper qualification route for national teams and not have Saudi Arabia and New Zealand and India in a group with Australia in 2018 can we have some completed continents EA please.

And I’d like to see an African inclusion I think it’s very poor no Africa league ever been in the actual FIFA series they had a World Cup on that continent andyet no North African or South Africa league,been included that would be interesting for the consumer. I’d like to see and not be teased all the time a full Ukraine league and national team and japan and Korea republic national teams it is a game that EA gets a fair budget from us as consumers and I’d like to see this and other formats of FIFA 19 improved from FIFA 18 because I feel pes 2019 is going to be strong and is improving all the time so it would be nice as a avid fan of FIFA series since it began. To go wow when I play and go they have topped pes 2019 here. The last few series of FIFA have not blown my socks of it has just been tweaks to current formats. EA you need to surprise the consumer and start giving us what we desire.
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