Tots Eriksen, Hazard93 or any ADP ad CAM?

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Who to pick? Eriksens stats are amazing + 5*WF but he doesnt has the finesse shot trait. So does Hazard + he's got more pace but no 5* WF. ADP has got both but less agility+balance..


  • AjaxLegends
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    I’ve had prime Del P and now I use TOTS Eriksen. I have chances with Eriksen for a finesse shot (even in the box) that all mis. With Del P those would be a guaranteed goal. However every other shot Eriksen takes better. Regular longshots and especially inside the box with a low driven. He also has a tad more strength. All in all I’ve used Eriksen for 52 games now and he has 38 goals and 18 assists. All in div 1-2 and WL (Gold 3 player). I would pick Eriksen over Del P, but I miss those finesse shots :(

    PS tries both 87 Del P and prime and I like Prime a lot more at CAM. His shots are just so much better and never noticed his workrates at all with stay forward.
  • MelkorAintGood
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    I've had ADP and TOTS Erik in my midfield. As I play 4-2-2-2 formation, they are wide CAMs. Don't know who's better, they are both awesome.
  • AjaxLegends
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    Played some games tonight and Eriksen is special. Dude scores some crazy longshots. Also had some finesse shots opportunities in the box that just won’t fly in the top corner, but that’s the only negative. He is also a better playmaker for me. Does tika taka football better than ADP (he is more for counter attack perhaps). Seems like the perfect ‘10’ for me.
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    tots erik
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